Commit 55198533 authored by Johannes Zarl-Zierl's avatar Johannes Zarl-Zierl

Add crude script to convert Changelog to markdown syntax.

This works well enough so far - just paste Changelog entries and get
markdown. You will need to fix some line breaks (add '<br/>' where
appropriate), but otherwise it should "just work"...
parent 18128b28
# Author: Johannes Zarl-Zierl <>
# I do not consider this shell snippet to be copyrightable.
# If you need to put a license on it, please go ahead. For questions, please do contact me via email.
echo "--Paste Changelog entries here--" >&2
sed \
s/^\W*\* \([^:]*:\)/ - **\1**/ ### Replace asterisk with dash, make classifier (Bug|Change|Deprecateion|etc.) **bold**
s_\#\([0-9]*\)_[#\1]($BUGZILLA\1)_g ### Replace #1234 with link to bugzilla
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