Commit 6470aa4d authored by Johannes Zarl-Zierl's avatar Johannes Zarl-Zierl

API documentation

parent 6c4ba14d
......@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ protected:
* @brief The CompiledDataPrivate struct encapsulates the non-copyable data members of the ImageSearchInfo.
* It covers all category related search data (as covered by compile()), but not any other search fields.
* Its copy constructor and copy operator invalidate the object,
* This allows the ImageSearchInfo to just use the default copy/move constructors/operators.
......@@ -139,12 +140,21 @@ private:
int m_ratingSearchMode = 0;
bool m_searchRAW = false;
bool m_isNull = true;
* @brief If a search is cacheable, its match result is stored in the ImageInfo.
* Only one match result can be cached.
* The matchGeneration is increased whenever the search info is changed, preventing stale results.
bool m_isCacheable = true;
* @brief m_matchGeneration is used to determine whether a cached match result is still valid.
* Remember to set it to nextGeneration() whenever the search info was changed and is cacheable!
int m_matchGeneration;
mutable CompiledDataPrivate m_compiled;
Exif::SearchInfo m_exifSearchInfo;
int m_matchGeneration;
bool doMatch(ImageInfoPtr) const;
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