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Architecture of KPdf. 1st version.

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Here are some notes about the inner structure of kpdf for who wants to take
a look at the project.
*** Rendering:
- The rendering is done by xpdf/splash. xpdf defines 'OutputDev' class that has
been implemented by renderers. Kpdf imported Splash sources; Splash implements
all virtuals from the interface and draws text/image into an inner pixmap.
- Kpdf reimplements the 'SplashOutputDev' iface to basically get notified when
the rendering of a page is finished (and some other features such as collection
of per-page text that permits to implement search).
- Kpdf's QOutputDevPixmap returns a pixmap containing a single redered page.
*** Architecture:
Almost all of the whole kpdf is a KParts::ReadOnlyPart. Plus there is a main
window that embeds the part when used stand alone (see kpdf_shell.cpp/.h and
The 'Shell' only adds fullscreen capability to the part, a standard
open dialog, a quit button and minor bits of code.
Architecture::Part: (kpdf_part.cpp/.h)
The part owns a centralWidget (with thumbnails in a left column and the view
area on the right), some XMLgui functionalities (zoom actions, search actions,
more...) and some background logic (thumbnail generation, page changes,
loading/saving settings and more).
Architecture::Part:CentralWidget: (part.cpp/.h)
The centralWidget (namely PDFPartView) holds a 'ThumbnailList' (a QTable
composed of 'Thumbnails') and a 'PageWidget'. The central widget has few
accessors to the list of thumbnails, whereas the page widget is accessed
publicly by the core of the Part (this may change soon!).
Architecture::Part:CentralWidget:PageWidget (
Displays current page pixmap (holds a QOutputDevPixmap inside). Handles mouse,
keys, scrolling and scrollbars as well. This widget is a qscrollview.
Architecture::Part:CentralWidget:ThumbnailList (
Note: This may change.
This widget is a vertical single column table where cells are thumbnails. This
supports thumbnail scaling and emits a signal when a page is selected between
the list of thumbnails.
*** Last Revisions to this document:
2004-10-04 : 0.1 - Enrico Ros <>
- just read the code and created this file
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