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more ideas

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......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ More items (first items will enter 'In progress list' first):
-> display current page / total pages (with analog indicator too (progressbar/...))
maybe this can be done on a small widget at the top of the toolbox, displaying
'document' informations (pages, current pg, some metadata, etc..)
-> right click and drag while in 'scroll' mode changes to 'selection' mode and selects
-> add kpdf manual in PDF format loaded on the first startup or on menu->help->manual
this visually explains basic usage, mouse buttons functions & more..
-> take care of TODOs in code
-> find: scroll page if the the searched string is not visible [after 'viewport changes']
-> ADD: click over image allows "save image" [60% done]
......@@ -46,6 +49,7 @@ More items (first items will enter 'In progress list' first):
-> merge head support for show menubar in rmb (by albert)
-> wrong zoom buttons order (BR74248) (check consistancy with kdvi/kghostview/.. (not konq))
-> rotate the whole document / individual pages
-> fullscreen pdf view (presentations-like) with some gfx tools
Done (newest feature comes firts):
-> ADD: import Marco Martin's "another kpdf icon" (kde-look: 16146) (Albert)
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