Commit b43e10e7 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano

KUrl can not be used in the D-Bus API, so change openDocument and...

KUrl can not be used in the D-Bus API, so change openDocument and currentDocument to use QString, making them work again.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/okular/; revision=693927
parent fb4fe2c5
......@@ -637,9 +637,9 @@ void Part::goToPage(uint i)
void Part::openDocument(KUrl doc)
void Part::openDocument( const QString &doc )
openUrl( KUrl( doc ) );
......@@ -655,9 +655,9 @@ uint Part::currentPage()
KUrl Part::currentDocument()
QString Part::currentDocument()
return m_document->currentDocument();
return m_document->currentDocument().pathOrUrl();
......@@ -98,10 +98,10 @@ class Part : public KParts::ReadOnlyPart, public Okular::DocumentObserver, publi
public slots: // dbus
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void goToPage(uint page);
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void openDocument(KUrl doc);
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void openDocument( const QString &doc );
Q_SCRIPTABLE uint pages();
Q_SCRIPTABLE uint currentPage();
Q_SCRIPTABLE KUrl currentDocument();
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString currentDocument();
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotPreferences();
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotFind();
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotPrintPreview();
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