Commit bd724e49 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

Get the okular archive mime translation name from kcoreaddons

Instead of asking the translators to translate it again
parent ea1815be
......@@ -2412,9 +2412,11 @@ bool Part::slotSaveFileAs( bool showOkularArchiveAsDefaultFormat )
bool wontSaveForms, wontSaveAnnotations;
checkNativeSaveDataLoss(&wontSaveForms, &wontSaveAnnotations);
const QMimeType okularArchiveMimeType = db.mimeTypeForName( QStringLiteral("application/vnd.kde.okular-archive") );
// Prepare "Save As" dialog
const QString originalMimeTypeFilter = i18nc("File type name and pattern", "%1 (%2)", originalMimeType.comment(), originalMimeType.globPatterns().join(QLatin1Char(' ')));
const QString okularArchiveMimeTypeFilter = i18n("Okular Archive (*.okular)");
const QString okularArchiveMimeTypeFilter = i18nc("File type name and pattern", "%1 (%2)", okularArchiveMimeType.comment(), okularArchiveMimeType.globPatterns().join(QLatin1Char(' ')));
// What format choice should we show as default?
QString selectedFilter = (isDocumentArchive || showOkularArchiveAsDefaultFormat ||
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