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Removed the 'Bugs fixed list' since they're now marked as fixed on BKO.

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......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ Legend:
(*) - Some parts of this item are already done
In progress:
-> Dom for bookmarks and saving/loading document settings.
-> Fix threaded generation. It's.. crashy..
Urgent fixes and items to get ready before 3.4 (special high-priority list):
-> FIX 1/2: sync Memory Management (in Document) with the Generator (exp. undoing requests) (may Segfault!)
......@@ -155,18 +157,3 @@ Here comes a list of suggestions from a dot post a
Annotations: yellow notes 'post-it' like
Export: export to other formats keeping formatting (a dream.. except for PNG :-)
PDF: <theICEBear> pdf forms support.... :D if at all possible
Bugs to close after merging to HEAD
BR88661: (thumbnail prev. is blocking) Not only it's threaded, but it generates
thumbnails only for the few visible items inside the thumbnaillist.
BR72347: (search doesn't work) Closeable NOW. The feature is already on HEAD.
BR72165: (showing a "scanned document PDF" is very slow). By running many tests
on xpdf and kpdf_experiments, I measured 5-15% speed loss (due to
internal pixmap conversions). No noticeable difference.
BR89835: (PDF pages to be aligned centrally). Done in branch.
BR90026: (crash). Can't reproduce on branch.
BR74435: (smooth transition/continous mode) It's in from sept-27.
BR80164: (2-up view of pdf pages) It's in from sept-26.
BR69092: Zoom displayed/internal values synced with fixed value or displayed page.
It is editable and the list gets cleaned and rebuilt on changes.
BR94385: PDF doesn't show PDF properties
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