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Commit d679b3c9 authored by Alexey Demennikov's avatar Alexey Demennikov Committed by Henrik Fehlauer

Set the columns in "Overview" mode to match the amount of pages if document is small

FEATURE: 355283

The principle is simple. This patch enables overriding the default columns for Overview mode, if the document is small. For example, if document has 1 or 2 pages and the default columns in Okular settings is 3, Overview mode will enable 1 or 2 columns for better UX

Reviewers: #okular, rkflx, ngraham

Reviewed By: rkflx, ngraham

Subscribers: ltoscano, aacid, rkflx, ngraham

Tags: #okular

Differential Revision:
parent 7d656d53
......@@ -4181,6 +4181,9 @@ int PageView::viewColumns() const
if (vm == Okular::Settings::EnumViewMode::Single) return 1;
else if (vm == Okular::Settings::EnumViewMode::Facing ||
vm == Okular::Settings::EnumViewMode::FacingFirstCentered) return 2;
else if (vm == Okular::Settings::EnumViewMode::Summary
&& d->document->pages() < Okular::Settings::viewColumns() )
return d->document->pages();
else return Okular::Settings::viewColumns();
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