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      - use the per character textpage generation by default · e84607d3
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=450786
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      - my wrapper around both KHTMLPart and KCHMView's chmlib wrapper so that we get a rendered page. · 0513ddeb
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - What works: 
        + viewing documents 
        + thumbnail generation
        + calculating page sizes based on the size of their KHTMLView
        + table of contents
      - What is pending:
        + using internal index, will code it once I comeback, wasted too much time on textpage generation
      - What probably will not work:
        + printing the entire document, no CHM viewer provides it now
          it would need some kind of being able to print multiple HTML files
          at once or sth similar (maybe anyone else has an idea?)
      - About generating the textpage:
        I went a long way, with enormous, and I do mean enormous help from SadEagle explaining to me how
        to use the KHTML API to generate the text page in a usable way (actually getCaretPos is depreciated
        and not document, and if you try to read the code, you'll notice it delegate the important stuff
        further and further into the KHTML core. Understanding KHTML's core is a bit too much to require 
        at the moment.
        Well finally I had something close to working, some words are matched properly - the rectangles are ok,
        most are matched with a one/one and a half offshot to the right, finally some are not matched because
        getCaretPost returns -1 as the left X border, I have no idea why, when I am asking for a
        This is why I am ccing to kfm-devel, if anyone of you guys, has a while to spare and would be kind 
        enough, I would like to ask you to look at generator_t.cpp and the 
            void TGenerator::recursiveExploreNodes(DOM::Node node,KPDFTextPage *tp)
        function, and tell me what seems wrong there? Also if you knwo a better way to get per character
        coordinates for every character in the text inside a HTML Page, please let me know.
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=450785
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      - reusing code from KCHHViewer, contains a small wrapper around chmlib and a... · c394549b
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - reusing code from KCHHViewer, contains a small wrapper around chmlib and a better version of kio-msits then the one from kdevelop, added minor modifications by myself so that they can be used in oKular, also stripped the library of unneeded stuff
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=450783
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      - adding the directory for CHM backend (also to Makefile.am, no configure... · e73e14bb
      Piotr Szymanski authored
      - adding the directory for CHM backend (also to Makefile.am, no configure check yet, you need to have chmlib installed and have chm_lib.h in your include path, libchm in your lib path)
      svn path=/trunk/playground/graphics/oKular/kpdf/; revision=450782
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