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    Opening kdpf_annotations branch. Code changes: · a9a312da
    Enrico Ros authored
     User Interface: added a toolbox for selecting an annotation tool without
       polluting the toolbar (pageviewtoolbox animated widget). Icons of that
       toolbar are gimped version of ones in nuvola icontheme.
     Core: added annotation class. this will support all features (except for
       silly ones (really there are some!)) from pdf 1.6 specs but abstracted
       in the kdpf way. (api changes in progress...)
    About annotations: only some incomplete interfaces are in plasefor now.
    Every type of pdf annotations has tens of parameters. I think we'll render
    correctly everything but provide only simple and useful tools for making
    annotations over the pages, otherwise a 'Qt designer like' property view
    will be required to do fine adjustment over the crappy thousands of
    settings. (and we're aiming at a quick and simple viewer with lots of
    coolness, not chaos).
    Have fun!
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