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Document the new trim mode

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......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<releaseinfo>0.19 (&kde; 4.13)</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>0.24 (Applications 15.12)</releaseinfo>
<!-- Abstract about this handbook -->
<para>&okular; is a &kde; universal document viewer based on &kpdf; code.</para>
......@@ -1421,12 +1421,24 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<guimenuitem>Trim Margins</guimenuitem>
<guisubmenu>Trim View</guisubmenu>
Remove the white border of pages when viewing pages.
This submenu allows you to remove the white border of pages when viewing pages (<guimenuitem>Trim Margins</guimenuitem> item) or trim viewport to selection (<guimenuitem>Trim To Selection</guimenuitem> item).
The <quote>trim to selection</quote> mode allows you to draw a selection over the rendered page in order to define a visible bounding box to be applied to <emphasis>all pages</emphasis> in the document. Selecting a small trim bounding box enforces minimum dimensions size (20% as a percentage of total page size).
The <quote>trim margins</quote> mode is persistent across &okular; restarts. The <quote>trim to selection</quote> mode is forgotten across &okular; restarts.
When you switch &okular; from <quote>trim margins</quote> mode to <quote>trim to selection</quote> mode, the view jumps out of <quote>trim margins</quote> mode for the bounding box selection interaction.
The trim mode can be deactivated by selecting the same menu item that activates it once again.
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