Commit 4526dd2f authored by Fabio D'Urso's avatar Fabio D'Urso
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Make all parts receive config change notifications

Instead of listening on KConfigDialog's signals, this patch makes parts
listen on Okular::Settings::self()'s configChanged() signal.

Unlike KConfigDialogs, Okular::Settings::self() is unique and never
changes during the process lifetime, and therefore:
 - A part can connect during initialization and receive notifications,
   without depeding on KConfigDialog objects (which might be instanced
   or deleted by a different part).
 - The connection now survives deletion of the KConfigDialog.
parent 0fa9232f
......@@ -502,6 +502,9 @@ m_cliPresentation(false), m_cliPrint(false), m_embedMode(detectEmbedMode(parentW
// keep us informed when the user changes settings
connect( Okular::Settings::self(), SIGNAL(configChanged()), this, SLOT(slotNewConfig()) );
// [SPEECH] check for KTTSD presence and usability
const KService::Ptr kttsd = KService::serviceByDesktopName("kttsd");
Okular::Settings::setUseKTTSD( kttsd );
......@@ -1045,8 +1048,6 @@ void Part::slotGeneratorPreferences( )
m_document->fillConfigDialog( dialog );
// keep us informed when the user changes settings
connect( dialog, SIGNAL(settingsChanged(QString)), this, SLOT(slotNewGeneratorConfig()) );
......@@ -2168,9 +2169,6 @@ void Part::slotPreferences()
// we didn't find an instance of this dialog, so lets create it
PreferencesDialog * dialog = new PreferencesDialog( m_pageView, Okular::Settings::self(), m_embedMode );
// keep us informed when the user changes settings
connect( dialog, SIGNAL(settingsChanged(QString)), this, SLOT(slotNewConfig()) );
......@@ -2205,31 +2203,6 @@ void Part::slotNewConfig()
void Part::slotNewGeneratorConfig()
// Apply settings here. A good policy is to check whether the setting has
// changed before applying changes.
// NOTE: it's not needed to reload the configuration of the Document,
// the Document itself will take care of that
// Main View (pageView)
// update TOC settings
if ( m_sidebar->isItemEnabled(0) )
// update ThumbnailList contents
if ( Okular::Settings::showLeftPanel() && !m_thumbnailList->isHidden() )
// update Reviews settings
if ( m_sidebar->isItemEnabled(2) )
void Part::slotPrintPreview()
if (m_document->pages() == 0) return;
......@@ -188,7 +188,6 @@ class OKULAR_PART_EXPORT Part : public KParts::ReadWritePart, public Okular::Doc
void slotSaveCopyAs();
void slotGetNewStuff();
void slotNewConfig();
void slotNewGeneratorConfig();
void slotShowMenu(const Okular::Page *page, const QPoint &point);
void slotShowProperties();
void slotShowEmbeddedFiles();
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