Commit 6efedc7b authored by Fabio D'Urso's avatar Fabio D'Urso

poppler: Comply with new rules in API calls about FixedRotation annotations

See patch 0006 in

CCBUG: 313177
parent d61c690b
......@@ -154,10 +154,13 @@ void PopplerAnnotationProxy::notifyModification( const Okular::Annotation *okl_a
// Set basic properties
// Note: flags and boundary must be set first in order to correctly handle
// FixedRotation annotations.
ppl_ann->setFlags(maskExportedFlags( okl_ann->flags() ));
ppl_ann->setBoundary(normRectToRectF( okl_ann->boundingRectangle() ));
ppl_ann->setAuthor( okl_ann->author() );
ppl_ann->setContents( okl_ann->contents() );
ppl_ann->setFlags(maskExportedFlags( okl_ann->flags() ));
// Set style
Poppler::Annotation::Style s;
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