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Commit 77a71a02 authored by Fabio D'Urso's avatar Fabio D'Urso

Test that Okular doesn't crash after a canceled reload

This would have caught the crash I'm going to fix in the next patch
parent 889c9429
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ kde4_add_unit_test( shelltest shelltest.cpp ../shell/shellutils.cpp )
target_link_libraries( shelltest ${KDE4_KDECORE_LIBS} ${QT_QTTEST_LIBRARY} )
kde4_add_unit_test( parttest parttest.cpp )
target_link_libraries( parttest ${KDE4_KDECORE_LIBS} ${QT_QTGUI_LIBRARY} ${QT_QTTEST_LIBRARY} okularpart okularcore )
target_link_libraries( parttest ${KDE4_KDECORE_LIBS} ${KDE4_KPARTS_LIBS} ${QT_QTGUI_LIBRARY} ${QT_QTTEST_LIBRARY} okularpart okularcore )
kde4_add_unit_test( searchtest searchtest.cpp )
target_link_libraries( searchtest ${KDE4_KDECORE_LIBS} ${QT_QTGUI_LIBRARY} ${QT_QTTEST_LIBRARY} okularcore )
......@@ -27,12 +27,41 @@ class PartTest
private slots:
void testReload();
void testCanceledReload();
void testTOCReload();
void testFowardPDF();
void testFowardPDF_data();
void testGeneratorPreferences();
class PartThatHijacksQueryClose : public Okular::Part
PartThatHijacksQueryClose(QWidget* parentWidget, QObject* parent,
const QVariantList& args, KComponentData componentData)
: Okular::Part(parentWidget, parent, args, componentData),
enum Behavior { PassThru, ReturnTrue, ReturnFalse };
void setQueryCloseBehavior(Behavior new_behavior)
behavior = new_behavior;
bool queryClose()
if (behavior == PassThru)
return Okular::Part::queryClose();
else // ReturnTrue or ReturnFalse
return (behavior == ReturnTrue);
Behavior behavior;
// Test that Okular doesn't crash after a successful reload
void PartTest::testReload()
QVariantList dummyArgs;
......@@ -42,6 +71,22 @@ void PartTest::testReload()
// Test that Okular doesn't crash after a canceled reload
void PartTest::testCanceledReload()
QVariantList dummyArgs;
PartThatHijacksQueryClose part(NULL, NULL, dummyArgs, KGlobal::mainComponent());
part.openDocument(KDESRCDIR "data/file1.pdf");
// When queryClose() returns false, the reload operation is canceled (as if
// the user had chosen Cancel in the "Save changes?" message box)
void PartTest::testTOCReload()
QVariantList dummyArgs;
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