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Commit 7a41ee5d authored by Mailson Menezes's avatar Mailson Menezes Committed by Fabio D'Urso

Fix tiles issue when zooming out a rotated document

The issue can be reproduced by zooming a rotated document to 1600% then
back to 800%

REVIEW: 110905
parent 449861c1
......@@ -313,7 +313,8 @@ void TilesManager::Private::setPixmap( const QPixmap *pixmap, const NormalizedRe
totalPixels -= tile.pixmap->width()*tile.pixmap->height();
delete tile.pixmap;
tile.pixmap = new QPixmap( pixmap->copy( tile.rect.geometry( width, height ).translated( -pixmapRect.topLeft() ) ) );
NormalizedRect rotatedRect = TilesManager::toRotatedRect( tile.rect, rotation );
tile.pixmap = new QPixmap( pixmap->copy( rotatedRect.geometry( width, height ).translated( -pixmapRect.topLeft() ) ) );
tile.rotation = rotation;
totalPixels += tile.pixmap->width()*tile.pixmap->height();
tile.dirty = false;
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