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do not touch please, read inside for explanation

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// This is a file with all the message errors xpdf uses
// It has been done with grep and some manual work
i18n("Could not find '%s' CMap file for '%s' collection")
// DO NOT TOUCH THAT MESSAGES, they are used by xpdf
// internally and are here only to apper on the .pot file
// if you change them translators get a different message to
// translate and the english message will be used
// because a translation could not be found for the message
// xpdf uses
i18n("Couldn't find '%s' CMap file for '%s' collection")
i18n("Illegal entry in codespacerange block in CMap")
i18n("Illegal entry in cidrange block in CMap")
i18n("Collision in usecmap")
......@@ -14,11 +21,11 @@ i18n("Unknown Metadata type: '%s'")
i18n("Kids object (page %d) is wrong type (%s)")
i18n("Kid object (page %d) is wrong type (%s)")
i18n("Bad named destination value")
i18n("Could not open cidToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't open cidToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Bad line (%d) in cidToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Could not open unicodeToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't open unicodeToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Bad line (%d) in unicodeToUnicode file '%s'")
i18n("Could not find ToUnicode CMap file for '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't find ToUnicode CMap file for '%s'")
i18n("Illegal entry in bfchar block in ToUnicode CMap")
i18n("Illegal entry in bfrange block in ToUnicode CMap")
i18n("Illegal entry in ToUnicode CMap")
......@@ -31,7 +38,7 @@ i18n("Illegal value in function domain array")
i18n("Functions with more than %d outputs are unsupported")
i18n("Illegal value in function range array")
i18n("Type 0 function is missing range")
i18n("Type 0 function is not a stream")
i18n("Type 0 function isn't a stream")
i18n("Function has missing or invalid size array")
i18n("Illegal value in function size array")
i18n("Function has missing or invalid BitsPerSample")
......@@ -54,7 +61,7 @@ i18n("Stack overflow in PostScript function")
i18n("Stack underflow in PostScript function")
i18n("Type mismatch in PostScript function")
i18n("Type 4 function is missing range")
i18n("Type 4 function is not a stream")
i18n("Type 4 function isn't a stream")
i18n("Expected '{' at start of PostScript function")
i18n("Unexpected end of PostScript function stream")
i18n("Got 'if' operator with two blocks in PostScript function")
......@@ -159,7 +166,7 @@ i18n("Bad BBox in shading dictionary")
i18n("Invalid Function array in shading dictionary")
i18n("Missing or invalid Coords in shading dictionary")
i18n("No paper information available - using defaults")
i18n("Could not find included config file: '%s' (%s:%d)")
i18n("Couldn't find included config file: '%s' (%s:%d)")
i18n("Bad 'include' config file command (%s:%d)")
i18n("Unknown config file command '%s' (%s:%d)")
i18n("-- Xpdf no longer supports X fonts")
......@@ -167,7 +174,7 @@ i18n("-- The t1libControl and freetypeControl options have been replaced")
i18n(" by the enableT1lib, enableFreeType, and antialias options")
i18n("-- the config file format has changed since Xpdf 0.9x")
i18n("Bad 'nameToUnicode' config file command (%s:%d)")
i18n("Could not open 'nameToUnicode' file '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't open 'nameToUnicode' file '%s'")
i18n("Bad line in 'nameToUnicode' file (%s:%d)")
i18n("Bad 'cidToUnicode' config file command (%s:%d)")
i18n("Bad 'unicodeToUnicode' config file command (%s:%d)")
......@@ -252,9 +259,9 @@ i18n("Illegal URI-type link")
i18n("Movie action is missing both the Annot and T keys")
i18n("Annotation rectangle is wrong type")
i18n("Bad annotation rectangle")
i18n("Could not open file '%s'")
i18n("Could not read xref table")
i18n("Could not read page catalog")
i18n("Couldn't open file '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't read xref table")
i18n("Couldn't read page catalog")
i18n("May not be a PDF file (continuing anyway)")
i18n("PDF version %s -- xpdf supports version %s")
i18n("Page annotations object (page %d) is wrong type (%s)")
......@@ -264,9 +271,9 @@ i18n("Dictionary key must be a name object")
i18n("End of file inside dictionary")
i18n("Bad 'Length' attribute in stream")
i18n("Missing 'endstream'")
i18n("Could not create temporary font file")
i18n("Could not find a font for '%s'")
i18n("Could not create a font for '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't create temporary font file")
i18n("Couldn't find a font for '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't create a font for '%s'")
i18n("Bad bounding box in Type 3 glyph")
i18n("Internal: called getRawChar() on non-predictor stream")
i18n("Bad filter name")
......@@ -307,11 +314,11 @@ i18n("Unexpected end of file in flate stream")
i18n("Bad uncompressed block length in flate stream")
i18n("Bad block header in flate stream")
i18n("Bad dynamic code table in flate stream")
i18n("Could not open text file '%s'")
i18n("Could not find unicodeMap file for the '%s' encoding")
i18n("Couldn't open text file '%s'")
i18n("Couldn't find unicodeMap file for the '%s' encoding")
i18n("Bad line (%d) in unicodeMap file for the '%s' encoding")
i18n("PDF file is damaged - attempting to reconstruct xref table...")
i18n("Could not find trailer dictionary")
i18n("Couldn't find trailer dictionary")
i18n("Incorrect owner password")
i18n("Incorrect password")
i18n("Weird encryption info")
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