Commit 84c9910d authored by Antonio Rojas's avatar Antonio Rojas

Avoid duplicates in the available backends list

If a generator can open multiple mime types that match the same file, avoid showing a backend chooser dialog with multiple instances of the same

REVIEW: 129791
BUG: 374650
parent 61fdea2c
......@@ -2196,11 +2196,11 @@ KPluginMetaData DocumentPrivate::generatorForMimeType(const QMimeType& type, QWi
foreach (const QString& supported, md.mimeTypes())
QMimeType mimeType = mimeDatabase.mimeTypeForName(supported);
if (mimeType == type) {
if (mimeType == type && !exactMatches.contains(md)) {
exactMatches << md;
if (type.inherits(supported))
if (type.inherits(supported) && !offers.contains(md))
offers << md;
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