Commit 9d6926f9 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Fix creation of the TOC tree for dvi files

The old code assumed the number of children would be
while this file has
so what we do now is looping after the - until we find a non digit
All this code would better be done using a regexp and not that many section calls
but i did not want to touch it more than needed
BUGS: 283447
FIXED-IN: 4.7.3
(cherry picked from commit 83df127a)
parent 5647ad56
......@@ -361,11 +361,18 @@ void dviRenderer::prescan_ParsePSSpecial(const QString& cp)
anchorList[anchorName] = Anchor(current_page+1, l);
// The PostScript code defines a bookmark
if (cp.contains("/Dest") && cp.contains("/Title"))
if (cp.contains("/Dest") && cp.contains("/Title")) {
const QString childrenNumberAndMoreStuff = cp.section('-', 1, 1); // Contains from the - symbol to the end of cp, effectively containing the number of children and some stuff after it
int indexOfFirstNonDigit = 0;
foreach(const QChar &c, childrenNumberAndMoreStuff) {
if (c.isDigit()) ++indexOfFirstNonDigit;
else break;
prebookmarks.append(PreBookmark(PDFencodingToQString(cp.section('(', 2, 2).section(')', 0, 0)),
cp.section('(', 1, 1).section(')', 0, 0),
cp.section('-', 1, 1).section(' ', 0, 0).toUInt()
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