Commit a7021f56 authored by Michel Ludwig's avatar Michel Ludwig
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Correctly repaint the page view in all circumstances when closing the currently shown document

parent 2d70239e
......@@ -863,9 +863,11 @@ void PageView::notifySetup( const QVector< Okular::Page * > & pageSet, int setup
// update the mouse cursor when closing because we may have close through a link and
// want the cursor to come back to the normal cursor
updateCursor( contentAreaPosition() + viewport()->mapFromGlobal( QCursor::pos() ) );
// then, make the message window and scrollbars disappear, which triggers a repaint
// then, make the message window and scrollbars disappear, and trigger a repaint
resizeContentArea( QSize( 0,0 ) );
viewport()->update(); // when there is no change to the scrollbars, no repaint would
// be done and the old document would still be shown
// OSD to display pages
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