Commit d02c86fe authored by Michel Ludwig's avatar Michel Ludwig
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Also add an update call to 'Part::showSourceLocation'.

This handles the case when the source location changes without a need for the
document to be scrolled.
Better call 'viewport()->update()' in 'Part::setShowSourceLocationsGraphically'.
parent 5b7c6b81
......@@ -842,6 +842,7 @@ void Part::showSourceLocation(const QString& fileName, int line, int column, boo
if( showGraphically )
m_pageView->setLastSourceLocationViewport( m_document->viewport() );
......@@ -881,7 +882,7 @@ void Part::setShowSourceLocationsGraphically(bool show)
Okular::Settings::setShowSourceLocationsGraphically( show );
void Part::slotHandleActivatedSourceReference(const QString& absFileName, int line, int col, bool *handled)
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