Adapt docu of generators to generateDocumentInfo() method change

REVIEW: 120113
parent 4335b6e5
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ class HTMLGenerator : public Okular::Generator
bool canGeneratePixmap() const;
void generatePixmap( Okular::PixmapRequest *request );
virtual const Okular::DocumentInfo* generateDocumentInfo();
virtual Okular::DocumentInfo generateDocumentInfo( const QSet<Okular::DocumentInfo::Key> &keys ) const;
virtual const Okular::DocumentSynopsis* generateDocumentSynopsis();
......@@ -801,9 +801,9 @@ void HTMLGenerator::generatePixmap( Okular::PixmapRequest *request )
signalPixmapRequestDone( request );
const Okular::DocumentInfo* HTMLGenerator::generateDocumentInfo()
Okular::DocumentInfo HTMLGenerator::generateDocumentInfo( const QSet<Okular::DocumentInfo::Key> &keys ) const
return &mDocumentInfo;
return mDocumentInfo;
const Okular::DocumentSynopsis* HTMLGenerator::generateDocumentSynopsis()
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