Commit de460a39 authored by Enrico Ros's avatar Enrico Ros

missing pieces for annotations support to be complete (90% missing)

svn path=/branches/kpdf_annotations/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=395075
parent aa624607
......@@ -6,6 +6,12 @@ Legend:
MRG - MeRGed (code from a branch or a patch)
In progress:
[14:56] *eros* - implement all PDF 1.6 annotations data structures
[14:56] *eros* - implement all renderers for each annotation (~20) in PagePainter
[14:57] *eros* - implement parser in PDFGenerator to grab annotations from pages :-)
[14:57] *eros* - implement Annotation handlers in PageView
[14:57] *eros* - implement [MISSING] Annotation creators in PageViewAnnotator
[15:00] *eros* - implement unified LOAD/SAVE of annotations in the Document class
-> screen editing (annotations): framework (BR67300,BR62793)
-> screen editing (annotations): tools (BR67300,BR91251), yellow notes 'post-it' like
-> se: investigate popup disappearing
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