Commit f681fb0e authored by Oliver Sander's avatar Oliver Sander Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Use range-based for to iterate over a QRegion

According to

the method QRegion::rects is obsolete and should be avoided.
Let's do that by moving to a range-based for over the QRegion.
That is easier to read anyway.
parent 19186016
......@@ -3571,11 +3571,9 @@ void PageView::drawDocumentOnPainter( const QRect & contentsRect, QPainter * p )
// fill with background color the unpainted area
const QVector<QRect> &backRects = remainingArea.rects();
int backRectsNumber = backRects.count();
for ( int jr = 0; jr < backRectsNumber; jr++ )
p->fillRect( backRects[ jr ], backColor );
// fill the visible area around the page with the background color
for (const QRect& backRect : remainingArea )
p->fillRect( backRect, backColor );
void PageView::updateItemSize( PageViewItem * item, int colWidth, int rowHeight )
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