Commit f7e9f10d authored by Yuri Chornoivan's avatar Yuri Chornoivan

Add some new info about font substitution

parent a738c98c
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<releaseinfo>1.9 (Applications 19.12)</releaseinfo>
<!-- Abstract about this handbook -->
......@@ -1212,6 +1212,9 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<para><action>Display some basic information</action> about the document, such as
title, author, creation date, and details about the fonts used. The available information
depends on the type of document.</para>
<para>Please pay attention on the information about substituting font in the <guilabel>Fonts</guilabel> tab of the <guilabel>Properties</guilabel> dialog. Many problems with font rendering can be solved by installing of the substituted fonts.</para>
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