1. 26 Sep, 2004 1 commit
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      Implement links that point inside the same document. This is again a read what... · 2581597b
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Implement links that point inside the same document. This is again a read what xpdf does, guess how it works and try to port it @ kpdf, seems to work when using the links on the index inside idd.pdf file that comes with cups
      Eros have a look as there is another function here using the cvtUserToDev thingy of OutputDev
      CCMAIL: eros.kde@email.it
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=346805
  5. 13 Sep, 2004 1 commit
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      Commiting first work on getting links to work. · 7cd6f373
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      ATM only links to web pages are tested, i would like to get pdf with some weird links like the one that quits the app viewing it, or links to external files, etc so i can test them.
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=346314
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  8. 26 Aug, 2004 4 commits
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      kpdf gets........ FIND TEXT !!!!!!! · cf814647
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      It works !!!!!!
      At the moment is very primitive (try to find withouth document -> crash, only find on the current page, no find next, selection box is not 100% acurate) but i only need some more time to make it work.
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=341615
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      While i was waiting to kdelibs/kdebase 3.3 to compile i had some time so... · 045b4a3d
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Here comes the big copyright patch for kpdf, i've updated all files to have a copyright header, some did not have, and some had very diferent structures. Now all of them have the same structure
      Copyright (C) years name <mail>
      The names that figure in the copyright header are all the ones of people that ever comitted something to that particular file.
      I am CC'ing to all of you because maybe someone thinks his commits was so small that does not want the copyright for it, so go to the particular file and remove your line.
      Also if a particular file came from other place and you know the copyright holder of it please add it to the headers.
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=341561
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      globalParam is only one variable, so we can't delete it when there are two... · 04ebb98a
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      globalParam is only one variable, so we can't delete it when there are two instances of the part running.
      That fixes bug 81442
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=341419
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      kpdf_canvas is not used · 7d961c65
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=341400
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    • Christophe Devriese's avatar
      dded printing support (bug 65017) · 5b35aa8b
      Christophe Devriese authored
      -> we did not add or change any i18n() strings
      -> ------- Additional Comment #1 From Stephan Kulow 2003-09-27 12:38 -------
      that's more a blocker bug than a wishlist ;(
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=276107
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    • Christophe Devriese's avatar
      lots of updates · fcc0d938
      Christophe Devriese authored
      -> list of pages to the left of the pdf file
      -> zooming works (although zooming modes like fit to page aren't done yet)
      -> added zooming buttons to the top bar
      svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=234250
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