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    PDF: Implement scaling options for non-rasterized printing · 748884b4
    Michael Weghorn authored
    This adds another 'FilePrinter::printFile' method that
    accepts an additional parameter to specify whether or not to
    do scaling and passes the 'fit-to-page' to CUPS dependent
    on what is specified.
    If FilePrinter is used, The PDF generator now passes this
    option depending on the scaling mode that was selected in the
    custom print options widget, which is therefore now enabled
    for non-rasterized printing as well.
    Test Plan:
    1) open a PDF document in Okular and open the print dialog
    2) go to the "PDF Options" tab
    3) verify that "Force rasterisation" is disabled, but the
      "Scale mode" combobox is active.
    4) test all the three options available in the "Scale mode"
       combobox do what they say
    5) Make sure the three options still work as expected for
       the "Force rasterisation" case.
    Reviewers: #okular, ngraham, sander
    Reviewed By: ngraham
    Subscribers: aacid, fvogt, okular-devel
    Tags: #okular
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D18179
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