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    Create new "Zoom to 100%" action · 33ca396d
    Nate Graham authored
    This patch implements a "Zoom to 100%" action and sticks it in the {nav View} menu. Since it's a `KStandardAction` with a `KStandardShortcut`, we automatically get the correct icon and keyboard shortcut, but we do override the name to be "Zoom to 100%" since that's clearer for Okular's use case.
    FEATURE: 400048
    FIXED-IN: 18.12.0
    Test Plan:
    - Action works to zoom the document to 100% scale when invoked
    - Action is disabled when document is opened at 100% scale or is manually zoomed to 100% scale after being opened
    - All other zoom modes and action still work
    Reviewers: #okular, #vdg, abetts
    Reviewed By: #vdg, abetts
    Subscribers: davidhurka, sander, tobiasdeiminger, veqz, abetts, aacid, okular-devel
    Tags: #okular
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16345
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