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SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours

In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
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[Global] [Global]
IconName=kalarm IconName=kalarm
Comment=Plasma Mobile Calendar Comment=Plasma Mobile Calendar
Comment[ca]=Calendari del Plasma Mòbil
Comment[nl]=Plasma agenda voor mobiel
Comment[pt]=Calendário do Plasma Mobile
Comment[sv]=Plasma mobilkalender
Comment[uk]=Календар для мобільної Плазми
Comment[x-test]=xxPlasma Mobile Calendarxx
Name=Calindori Name=Calindori
Name[ca]=Calindori Name[ca]=Calindori
Name[es]=Calindori Name[es]=Calindori
...@@ -16,12 +22,36 @@ Name[x-test]=xxCalindorixx ...@@ -16,12 +22,36 @@ Name[x-test]=xxCalindorixx
[Context/uid] [Context/uid]
Name=Incidence uid Name=Incidence uid
Name[ca]=UID de la incidència
Name[nl]=Uid van incident
Name[pt]=UID da incidência
Name[sv]=Förekomstens användar-id
Name[uk]=Ідентифікатор випадку
Name[x-test]=xxIncidence uidxx
Comment=The uid of the incidence of the alarm Comment=The uid of the incidence of the alarm
Comment[ca]=L'UID de la incidència de l'alarma
Comment[nl]=De uid van het incident van het alarm
Comment[pt]=O UID da incidência do alarme
Comment[sv]=Användar-id för förekomsten av alarmet
Comment[uk]=Ідентифікатор випадку нагадування
Comment[x-test]=xxThe uid of the incidence of the alarmxx
[Event/alarm] [Event/alarm]
Name=Alarm Name=Alarm
Contexts=uid Contexts=uid
Comment=Alarm Notification Comment=Alarm Notification
Comment[ca]=Notificació de l'alarma
Comment[pt]=Notificação do Alarme
Comment[uk]=Сповіщення для нагадування
Comment[x-test]=xxAlarm Notificationxx
Action=Popup Action=Popup
Urgency=Critical Urgency=Critical
[Desktop Entry] [Desktop Entry]
Name=Calindori Reminder Client Name=Calindori Reminder Client
Name[ca]=Client de recordatori del Calindori
Name[nl]=Calindori client voor herinnering
Name[pt]=Cliente de Chamadas de Atenção do Calindori
Name[sv]=Calindori påminnelseklient
Name[uk]=Клієнт нагадування Calindori
Name[x-test]=xxCalindori Reminder Clientxx
Exec=calindac Exec=calindac
Icon=calindori Icon=calindori
Type=Application Type=Application
Categories=Qt;KDE; Categories=Qt;KDE;
GenericName=Calindori Reminder Daemon Client GenericName=Calindori Reminder Daemon Client
GenericName[ca]=Client del dimoni de recordatori del Calindori
GenericName[nl]=Calindori client voor herinneringsdaemon
GenericName[pt]=Cliente do Serviço de Chamadas de Atenção do Calindori
GenericName[sv]=Calindori påminnelsedemonklient
GenericName[uk]=Клієнт фонової служби нагадування Calindori
GenericName[x-test]=xxCalindori Reminder Daemon Clientxx
Terminal=false Terminal=false
X-KDE-autostart-phase=2 X-KDE-autostart-phase=2
X-KDE-autostart-condition=calindacrc:General:Autostart:true X-KDE-autostart-condition=calindacrc:General:Autostart:true
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