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......@@ -257,6 +257,49 @@ intrusive, but most straightforward way to generate skeleton for an
extension. QtCreator also allows you to modify this property
through <code>Properties:</code> box in the <code>Projects</code>
<h2>Providing extension with a code</h2>
<p>Next steps depend on what your extension is going to accomplish.
<a class="elRef" doxygen=
extensions combine the functionality of libraries and QML
extensions. Extension can be a pure QML runtime extension, a pure
binary library, or it can be a mix of both.</p>
<p>If you would like to provide a QML extension, then you should
refer to documentation on <a href=
files. You have to create <code>qmldir</code> file, but
<code>qmltypes</code> file will be generated automatically for each
extension thanks to <code>cutehmi.qmltypes</code> Qbs module
dependecy, which is set for each <code>cutehmi.Extension</code>
item by default.</p>
<p>To make an extension that acts as a QML extension, but uses C++
code, you may refer to <a href=
"">Creating C++
Plugins for QML</a>. You can ignore the creation of
<code>.pro</code> files and simply add files to Qbs project. Key
concepts to focus on is a class that extends <code><a class="elRef"
"/usr/share/qt5/doc/qtqml/qtqml.tags:" href=
<code>qmlRegisterType</code> function template that exposes
<code><a class="elRef" doxygen=
derived classes and entries in <code>qmldir</code> file. You may
also check out the tutorial <a href=
Writing QML Extensions with C++</a>.</p>
<p>To create an extension that behaves like a library (i.e. other
extensions can be linked with it) you should refer to <a class=
"elRef" doxygen=
href="">Qt</a> documentation on
<a href="">Creating Shared
Libraries</a>. Note that mentioned <code>MYSHAREDLIB_EXPORT</code>
macros are defined within <code>platform.hpp</code> according to a
pattern <code>VENDORNAME_EXTENSIONNAME_API</code>. Again, you don't
need to worry about <code>.pro</code> files.</p>
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