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......@@ -178,8 +178,8 @@ has been configured with Qbs, it will not show up. You can use
cached results.</p>
<p>Refer to documentation of each individual <a href=
tool</a> on how to run examples.</p>
"">tool</a> on how to
run examples.</p>
<p>Directory structure of the project is organized as follows.</p>
......@@ -215,16 +215,11 @@ each other. Some extensions may depend on <a class="el" href=
"md_external__r_e_a_d_m_e.html">external</a> libraries.</p>
<h2>Quick links</h2>
<li><a href="">CuteHMI on
<li><a href=
"">CuteHMI on GitHub
<li><a href="">Website</a></li>
<li><a href=
generated by Doxygen</a></li>
<li><a href="">Repository
mirror on GitHub</a></li>
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ all necessary tools.</p>
<p>You have to build the project beforehand as Qbs module is
responsible for generation of documentation artifacts!</p>
<p>You can also view <a href=
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