Commit cf6f366c authored by Michal Policht's avatar Michal Policht

Add assumption alias.

parent bc27090d
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ Module {
'GENERATE_TAGFILE': 'doxygen.tag',
'INPUT_FILTER' : product.cutehmi.doxygen.useInputFilter ? 'sed \'s/\\(\\[[[:alnum:][:blank:]\\/.:_@#-]*\\]([[:alnum:]\\/.:_@#-]*\\/\\)\\()\\)/\\1index.html\\2/g\'' : undefined,
'ALIASES': ['principle{1}=\\xrefitem principles \\"Principle\\" \\"Principles\\" \\b \\"\\1\\" \\n',
'assumption{1}=\\xrefitem assumptions \\"Assumption\\" \\"Assumptions\\" \\b \\"\\1\\" \\n',
'threadsafe=\\remark This method is thread-safe.'
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