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software compilation is now deprecated
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status version Project URL remarks TODO
------ ------- ----------- ------- ----
CMake X >= 3.0.0 > 3.1.0 hightly recommended.
ECM X >= 1.7.0
Qt5::Core X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Gui X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Widgets X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Network X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Sql X >= 5.6.0 Including Qt5::Sqlite and Qt5::Mysql plugins.
Qt5::Xml X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Concurrent X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::PrintSupport X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::Svg X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::XmlPatterns X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::WebKitWidgets X >= 5.6.0
Qt5::X11Extras opt >= 5.6.0 For color management support under Linux.
Qt5::DBus opt >= 5.6.0 Optional: only for Linux Desktop.
Qt5::OpenGL opt >= 5.6.0 For Presentation tool.
Qt5::Test opt >= 5.6.0 To compile test codes (BUILD_TESTING=on).
KF5::Config X >= 5.5.0
KF5::XmlGui X >= 5.5.0
KF5::I18n X >= 5.5.0
KF5::WindowSystem X >= 5.5.0
KF5::Service X >= 5.5.0 TODO: make optional for KDE desktop (DFileOperations).
KF5::Solid X >= 5.5.0
KF5::CoreAddons X >= 5.5.0 Needs for KAboutData.
KF5::NotifyConfig opt >= 5.5.0 For Linux/KDE desktop application notify configuration.
KF5::Notifications opt >= 5.5.0 For Linux/KDE desktop notifications integrations.
KF5::ThreadWeaver opt >= 5.5.0 For panorama tool.
KF5::IconThemes opt >= 5.5.0 Optional: only for Linux Desktop (KIconDialog)
KF5::FileMetaData opt >= 5.5.0 KDE files indexer (ENABLE_KFILEMETADATASUPPORT=on) Still experimental, disabled by default. Implementation from KDE side very unstable.
KF5::AkonadiContact opt >= 17.12.1 KDE Mail contacts (ENABLE_AKONADICONTACTSUPPORT=on) Still experimental, disabled by default. Need testing.
KF5::CalendarCore opt >= 17.12.1 For calendar tool to setup ical special events.
KF5::KIO opt >= 5.5.0 Optional: only for Linux Desktop
libopencv X >= 3.1 Both versions supported using a cmake flag. To compile with OpenCV 3.x use cmake option ENABLE_OPENCV3=on.
libpthread X >= 2.0.0 For DNG converter.
libtiff X >= 4.0 For DImg image loader.
libpng X >= 1.6 For DImg image loader.
libjpeg X >= 6b jpeglib >= 8.0 hightly recommended for RawEngine.
libboost X >= 1.55.0 For Versionning support.
liblcms X >= 2.x For Color Management support.
libexpat X >= 2.1.0 For DNG converter.
libexiv2 X >= 0.26 Metadata low level management. 0.24 deprecated.
libxml2 opt >= 2.7.0 For HtmlGallery tool.
libxslt opt >= 1.1.0 For HtmlGallery tool.
libqtav opt >= 1.12.0 To play video and audio (ENABLE_MEDIAPLAYER=on)
libffmpeg opt >= 3.3.x To play video and audio (ENABLE_MEDIAPLAYER=on) libavformat, libavutil, libavcodec used to extract video metadata.
Flex opt >= 2.5.0 For Panorama tool.
Bison opt >= 2.5.0 For Panorama tool.
libmesa opt >= 11.0 For Presentation tools (Linux only).
libmediawiki opt >= 5.5.0 For MediaWiki tool (DIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBMEDIAWIKI=on)
libkvkontakte opt >= 4.70.0 For Vkontakte tool (DIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBKVKONTAKTE=on)
libksane opt >= 5.0.0 Digital scanner (DIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBKSANE=on).
libjpasper opt >= 1.900.1 For JPEG-2000 support.
libmarble opt >= 0.21.80 For geolocation support.
libeigen3 opt >= 3.2 For Refocus tool. See if Clapack from OpenCV can be used instead.
liblensfun opt >= 0.2.8 For LensCorrection tool.
liblqr-1 opt >= 0.4.2 For Liquid rescale tool.
libgphoto2 opt >= 2.5 Digital camera drivers support. Need libusb-1.
libgomp opt >= 5.0 OpenMP support for RawEngine.
#! /bin/sh
$EXTRACTRC `find . -name \*.rc -o -name \*.ui | grep -v '/tests/'` >> rc.cpp || exit 11
$XGETTEXT `find . -name \*.h -o -name \*.cpp | grep -v '/tests/'` `find app -name \*` -o $podir/digikam.pot
$EXTRACTRC `find ./core -name \*.rc -o -name \*.ui | grep -v '/tests/'` >> rc.cpp || exit 11
$XGETTEXT `find ./core -name \*.h -o -name \*.cpp | grep -v '/tests/'` `find app -name \*` -o $podir/digikam.pot
rm -f rc.cpp
This is the digiKam README for developpers
- ABOUT --------------------------------------------------------------------
digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a 'snap'.
This is a super-repository that helps to download and compile digiKam with all components developed by digiKam team.
- DEPENDENCIES -------------------------------------------------------------
* To checkout all source code:
- Perl <>
- Git <>
* To process translations files (optional)
- Ruby <> (to extract translations files from KDE repositories)
- Subversion <> (to extract translations files from KDE repositories)
- Gettext <> (including Msgfmt to compile po files to mo files)
* To download all needed git repositories, execute download script like this: perl ./download-repos
* Important: by default only components required for packaging are downloaded. To populate whole developers
components, set $GITSLAVE environnement variable before to run ./download-repos script, like this:
export GITSLAVE=.gitslave.devel
* To compile all source code, take a look on each README files to resolve dependencies.
- COMPONENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------
Redmine project pages can be found here :
* This super repository:
digiKam SC :
Code base:
digiKam :
* Extra components managed by this Software Compilation for developers only are listed below:
libksane :
libmediawiki :
libkvkontatke :
* Documentations:
digiKam DOC :
- NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------------
If you are a developer with push access to the repositories, it is strongly recommended
to use the "kde:" prefix and let git use the read-only mirrors for pulling.
If you did not clone this repository (digikam-software-compilation) from "kde:", do it again:
git config --global url.git:// kde:
git config --global url.ssh:// kde:
git clone kde:digikam-software-compilation
See below an example of .gitconfig file working with a developer account :
[url "git://"]
insteadof = kde://
[url ""]
pushinsteadof = kde://
[url "ssh://"]
pushinsteadof = kde://
up = pull --rebase -v --stat
ci = commit -a -v
editor = mcedit
name = my name
email = my email
default = tracking
# turn on color
diff = auto
status = auto
branch = auto
interactive = auto
ui = auto
[color "branch"]
current = green bold
local = green
remote = red bold
[color "diff"]
meta = yellow bold
frag = magenta bold
old = red bold
new = green bold
[color "status"]
added = green bold
changed = yellow bold
untracked = red
[color "sh"]
branch = yellow [color "sh"]
- CMAKE OPTIONS --------------------------------------------------------------
Packaging options:
"-DDIGIKAMSC_CHECKOUT_PO=ON" Extract application translation files from KDE repositories.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_CHECKOUT_DOC=ON" Extract documentation translation files from KDE repositories.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_DOC=ON" Build handbook i18n files. It require to checkout documentation translations files before from KDE repositories.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_PO=ON" Build GUI i18n files. It require to checkout application translations files before from KDE repositories.
Developers only options:
"-DBUILD_TESTING=ON" Build tests code.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBKSANE=OFF" Force to use local libksane instead version installed on your computer.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBMEDIAWIKI=OFF" Force to use local libmediawiki instead version installed on your computer.
"-DDIGIKAMSC_COMPILE_LIBKVKONTAKE=OFF" Force to use local libkvkontakte instead version installed on your computer.
Look README files from sub-dirs for more options available to configure compilation environnement.
To configure project with CMake, use dedicated "bootstrap" script for your platform.
digiKam team
This files describes how to install digiKam software compilation from
the git repository, while keeping a system-wide digiKam software compilation
This procedure is based on the boostrap script boostrap.local
1. Set the root directory for your git install in boostrap.local (DIGIKAM_INSTALL_PREFIX variable)
2. If you want a clean build directory, set CLEANROOT to 1
3. Type the following command in your terminal:
$ ./boostrap.local # or "./bootstrap.local --eclipse" if you intend to use Eclipse
$ cd build
$ make
$ make install