first step to fix memory leak reported by clang using QSharedPointer

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[ 85%] Built target geolocationedit_test_gpsrgparsing
Scanning dependencies of target geoiface_test_itemmarkertiler
[ 85%] Building CXX object core/tests/geolocation/geoiface/CMakeFiles/geoiface_test_primitives.dir/test_primitives.cpp.o
[ 85%] Building CXX object core/tests/geolocation/geoiface/CMakeFiles/geoiface_test_itemmarkertiler.dir/geoiface_test_itemmarkertiler_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o
[ 85%] Linking CXX executable geoiface_test_tracks
[ 85%] Built target DImg_HEIF_Plugin
[ 85%] Building CXX object core/tests/geolocation/geoiface/CMakeFiles/geoiface_test_itemmarkertiler.dir/test_itemmarkertiler.cpp.o
Pulling docker image gitlab/gitlab-runner-helper:x86_64-a8a019e0 ...
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