Commit bda62357 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham

Merge branch 'play-now-on-return-in-playlist' into 'master'

Play selected song in playlist when it has focus and the return key is pressed

Right now, if you want to use the keyboard to play a song that's in the playlist, you do the following:
1. Hit the tab key until a playlist item is focused
2. Use the arrow keys to go to the song you want to play
3. Hit the tab key twice to focus the inline "Play Now" button
4. Hit the return key

This MR makes the "Play Now" action get triggered by the return key, removing the somewhat awkward step 3 from the above sequence. Since this is in a FocusScope, it only happens while a playlist song is selected, so there are no regressions with return key handling in other contexts.

See merge request !54
parents 402e1b3f 0345e719
......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ FocusScope {
Accessible.role: Accessible.ListItem title + ' ' + album + ' ' + artist
Keys.onReturnPressed: playNow.trigger()
height: elisaTheme.playListDelegateHeight
Action {
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