Commit 9b10b804 authored by Carson Black's avatar Carson Black

Update meson.builds

parent b8990951
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ inc = include_directories('src')
qresource_files = ['qrc/images.qrc', 'qrc/qml.qrc']
processed_files = qt5.preprocess(moc_headers: ['src/iconsetter.h'],
processed_files = qt5.preprocess(moc_headers: ['src/iconsetter.h', 'src/iconmanipulator.h'],
include_directories: inc,
qresources: qresource_files)
ikona_sources = ['iconsetter.cpp', 'main.cpp']
ikona_sources = ['iconsetter.cpp', 'main.cpp', 'iconmanipulator.cpp']
ikona = executable('ikona',
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