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    A number of modifications to the new "upcoming playlist" stuff. · 286f74ae
    Scott Wheeler authored
    *) First, I think that the name "Play Queue" is better.  I'm still not crazy
       about that, but for a user visible string I like it more than "Upcoming Playlist".
    *) Switched the icon to use the "today" icon for now.
    *) I don't see any reason to disallow removing files in the upcoming playlist;
       that seems like an unnecessary special case.
    *) Don't raise the upcoming playlist when it's shown.  That wasn't concistant with
       the other "special" playlists.
    *) Get rid of the "upcoming item" thing in the Playlist RMB menu and just have it
       automatically show / enqueue things into the upcoming playlist; one queueing
       system is enough, thank you.  ;-)
    There are a handful of other things that need to happen here, but I presume that
    those will come from Michael and I over the next little while.
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