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    A few UI cleanups and usability improvements: · 39e3ca38
    Scott Wheeler authored
    *) Show icons next to the sliders in the toolbar that indicate what they do.
       (Note that the labels that these use does have a tooltip, but it's the
       same string that's used for the slider.)
    *) Make the slider stretch to full width.  This is actually the way that this
       code was originally written to work with KDE 3.0, but it broke somewhere
       after (like 3.0.3 or something changed the KToolbar behavior) that and I
       never got around to fixing it.
    *) Don't show the "File" toolbar by default.
    *) Don't let the sliders in the toolbar get the keyboard focus.  That was
       always ugly when they started up and had that little dotted border...
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