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    Initial MPRIS2 support. · 54c6db81
    Michael Pyne authored
    Eike Hein has kindly donated a working Mpris2 adaptor with instructions
    on how to integrate into JuK, so I've done so.
    This is just at the "compiles and links" stage and the track ID will
    give a lot of weirdness due to the strictness of the D-Bus Object Path
    name spec.
    The reason we don't just use an identifier for a track is that the
    "primary key" JuK uses is the canonical file name. JuK has no internal
    RDBMS or anything similar where primary keys would be assigned. Because
    of this we encode track IDs using z-Base-32 so they will not violate the
    D-Bus spec.
    Thanks to Eike for the large code contribution and integration support!
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