Commit 613ecdbf authored by Scott Wheeler's avatar Scott Wheeler

Fix a crash on exit. Was connecting to the wrong item and trying to "clear()"

it twice.

svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=270911
parent 10635b1d
......@@ -698,13 +698,16 @@ void Playlist::createItems(const QValueList<SiblingType *> &siblings)
m_disableColumnWidthUpdates = true;
ItemType *previous = 0;
ItemType *newItem = 0;
QValueListConstIterator<SiblingType *> it = siblings.begin();
for(; it != siblings.end(); ++it) {
if(!m_members.insert(resolveSymLinks((*it)->absFilePath())) || m_allowDuplicates) {
previous = new ItemType((*it)->collectionItem(), this, previous);
connect((*it)->collectionItem(), SIGNAL(signalAboutToDelete()), (*it), SLOT(slotClear()));
newItem = new ItemType((*it)->collectionItem(), this, newItem);
if(!m_randomList.isEmpty() && !m_visibleChanged)
connect((*it)->collectionItem(), SIGNAL(signalAboutToDelete()), newItem, SLOT(slotClear()));
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