Commit ceab7792 authored by Frederik Schwarzer's avatar Frederik Schwarzer

re-add the markup that was removed yesterday

It was not valid before; now it is.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=1093709
parent 99e82110
......@@ -451,8 +451,8 @@ void PlayerManager::slotStateChanged(Phonon::State newstate, Phonon::State oldst
QString errorMessage =
"%1 will be the /path/to/file, %2 will be some string from Phonon describing the error",
"JuK is unable to play the audio file <filename>%1</filename>"
"for the following reason: <message>%2</message>",
"JuK is unable to play the audio file<nl/><filename>%1</filename><nl/>"
"for the following reason:<nl/><message>%2</message>",
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