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      SVN_SILENT Cleanup .ui files · 7f515c88
      Christoph Feck authored
      This removes (as discussed on k-c-d)
      * obsolete <pixmapfunction>
      * deprecated <layoutdefault>
      * empty <author>, <comment>, <exportmacro>
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      s/directory/folder/g · 95b7998d
      Scott Wheeler authored
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      GUI: Overhaul the file renamer configuration dialog based on a design of... · d9223918
      Michael Pyne authored
      GUI: Overhaul the file renamer configuration dialog based on a design of Scott's.  This involved a lot more code than I thought at first, but it should be pretty neat.
      This also should fix wish 64849 (Add genre to file renamer) and wish 63912.
      In essence this creates a dialog that has a row with each possible category, and arrows allowing you to move that category up and down.
      * In the options for the category, you can control leading and trailing text, and what happens if the tag is empty.
      * You can set a minimum width for the track (bug 63912).
      * The dialog includes a sample result, and you can either edit the sample tag values manually, or load tags from a file to see what it would look like.
      * Right now the file renamer code automatically suppresses separators between tag values that use bracketing characters, since I feel that stuff like Artist - Title - [Track] looks dumb, but that may be changed/removed later.
      Suggestions are accepted: michael (dot) pyne (at) kdemail (dot) net.
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