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      Continued search widget cleanup; remove needless KToolBar usage. · 6367f3a3
      Michael Pyne authored
      Continuing on from the work in commit fc6fecd6 where Carl Schwan
      noticed that the SearchLine class (used as a base search input element
      within the PlaylistSplitter and within the Advanced Search playlist
      dialog) didn't really need to be a QWidget.
      The resulting improvement to the search line's appearance above the list
      of music tracks came very close to looking like a no-overhead widget,
      but there was still a 1-pixel padding on the left/right between the line
      that wasn't present for the playlist tracks themselves.
      The cause was the nearby SearchWidget class (used in the
      PlaylistSplitter), which is a thin wrapper around SearchLine, and for
      some reason is a KToolBar. This may have been intended at some point in
      JuK's prehistory (e.g. to allow for dockable/movable search line) but at
      this point the search line always shows up in the same spot and isn't
      even parented into the toolwindow where a toolbar normally would go.
      As a result this doesn't need to be anything other than a QWidget
      either, and making this change allows the search bar to line up
      pixel-perfect with the list of music tracks as it should.
      CHANGELOG:Removes unintended padding between search line and rest of interface.
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      Merge branch 'search-hig' into 'master' · 735592f7
      Michael Pyne authored
      Refactor: Use Qt class for the SearchWidget
      See merge request !13
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      Refactor: Use Qt class for the SearchWidget · fc6fecd6
      Carl Schwan authored
      We don't use KCompletion features, so
      * Use QLineEdit instead of KLineEdit
      * Use QComboBox instead of QComboBox
      Follow KDE HIG, prefer Search... as placeholderText instead of a Search
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      Merge branch 'fix-all-artists-item' into 'master' · 22054157
      Michael Pyne authored
      fix(cover-manager): change &lt;All Artists&gt; to <All Artists>
      See merge request !12
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/Applications/19.08' · fa5f1abf
      Michael Pyne authored
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      Ensure CollectionList cache is saved on shutdown. · d4dc1bee
      Michael Pyne authored
      JuK caches its list of collection list items for re-use on subsequent
      startup, to reduce the time needed to wait for Taglib to rescan music
      files that have been previously scanned (and presumably have not changed
      outside of JuK). It also records the list of playlists on shutdown, including
      playlists which are not accessible as M3U files.
      Shutdown behavior has long been problematic for JuK as a Qt5 app due to
      a) poor coding and b) changes in how close/quit event handling has
      evolved since it's roots in KDE 3. I made some attempt at cleaning this
      up with commit a951caf3, but that bug
      fix fell short, as it did not ensure that JuK caches the collection and
      records the list of playlists.
      Most users would experience this as "merely" a performance hit on
      The fix is to ensure the caching/state-saving code is called (as part of
      GUI class destructors) by destructing the PlaylistSplitter class, which
      had almost been working prior to a951caf3.
      I did not see a directly applicable bug report.
      CHANGELOG:Speedup JuK restarts by fixing bug preventing collection data from being saved on shutdown.
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