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      folder-scan: Support a list of folders to ignore when auto-scanning. · 2f18ba1e
      Tom Li authored
      Feature initially authored by Tom Li (see the Review Request and bug for
      more details).
      The idea is that the Manage Folders dialog now will have a list of
      folders that should not be automatically searched (which would override
      the list of folders to scan on startup). This way you can avoid having
      to completely change up your music layout on-disk just to keep JuK from
      automatically grabbing songs you don't want or need managed from within
      I ended up having to rework a bit to fix some corner cases (such as the
      directory watcher which might flag new files under an excluded directory
      after JuK startup), and avoid accidentally removing the ability to
      manually select files under these excluded directories for addition to
      the collection.
      If a user does want to remove files that are already in the collection
      list, they can enable the "File Name (Full Path)" column and then use
      the search bar to find the offending path name, and select and remove
      the files that are shown.
      Note for posterity that the "Fixed In" version specifies the next
      KDE-wide Software Compilation release, not the internal JuK version.
      Thanks again to Tom for drafting the initial patch and being
      extraordinarily patient while I tried to find time to review, re-review,
      and make the finishing touches.
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      Fix crash when resizing folder list dialog. · 738cc43b
      Michael Pyne authored
      Christoph Feck was able to pin this down to an endless recursion in Qt
      layout code, apparently involving both scroll bars trying to determine
      when to automatically appear (or not).
      Text elision is already setup well for directory names so I'm opting to
      disable the horizontal scroll bar (the dialog can be resized larger if
      Additionally I'm integrating a method to set a minimum width since
      there's a word-wrapped text label in the dialog (which is known to
      interfere rather badly with Qt layouts if a minimum width is not set).
      In this case I don't employ a code change since there's no reason this
      label needs to be word-wrapped. Forcing "plain text" mode just helps
      ensure Qt doesn't try to treat it like wrappable rich text.
      If this doesn't fix the crash please re-open, but works well for me
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    • Christoph Feck's avatar
      SVN_SILENT Cleanup .ui files · 7f515c88
      Christoph Feck authored
      This removes (as discussed on k-c-d)
      * obsolete <pixmapfunction>
      * deprecated <layoutdefault>
      * empty <author>, <comment>, <exportmacro>
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=957381
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