Commit 4f68bdca authored by Alex Neundorf's avatar Alex Neundorf

quickopen: only use bold font for files which have already been opened.

For all other files, i.e. project files which have not yet been opened, use
normal font. This makes it easier to visually separate between the lru-sorted
open files at the top, and all other project files below them.
It is, at least to me, easier on the eye in general.

parent 5143e798
......@@ -244,9 +244,6 @@ void KateQuickOpen::update ()
itemName->setData(qVariantFromValue(KUrl::fromPath (file)), UrlRole);
itemName->setData(QString("%1: %2").arg(fi.fileName()).arg(file), SortFilterRole);
QFont font = itemName->font();
QStandardItem *itemUrl = new QStandardItem(file);
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