Commit ab48de66 authored by Alex Turbov's avatar Alex Turbov

backport dockerfile syntax + add few more commands in it

parent 07522133
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
<!-- Dockerfile syntaxfile v1.0 by James Turnbull <> -->
<language name="Dockerfile" section="Other" version="2" kateversion="2.4" extensions="Dockerfile" author="James Turnbull (" license="LGPLv2+">
<list name="keywords">
<item> ADD </item>
<item> ARG </item>
<item> CMD </item>
<item> COPY </item>
<item> ENTRYPOINT </item>
<item> ENV </item>
<item> EXPOSE </item>
<item> FROM </item>
<item> LABEL </item>
<item> MAINTAINER </item>
<item> ONBUILD </item>
<item> RUN </item>
<item> USER </item>
<item> VOLUME </item>
<item> WORKDIR </item>
<context name="normal" attribute="Normal" lineEndContext="#stay">
<DetectChar attribute="Comment" context="Comment" char="#"/>
<keyword attribute="Keyword" context="#stay" String="keywords"/>
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="string&quot;" char="&quot;"/>
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="string'" char="'"/>
<context attribute="Comment" lineEndContext="#pop" name="Comment">
<LineContinue attribute="Comment" context="#stay" />
<context name="string&quot;" attribute="String" lineEndContext="#pop">
<LineContinue attribute="Operator" context="#stay"/>
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="#pop" char="&quot;"/>
<context name="string'" attribute="String" lineEndContext="#pop">
<LineContinue attribute="String" context="#stay"/>
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="#pop" char="'"/>
<itemData name="Normal" defStyleNum="dsNormal" spellChecking="0"/>
<itemData name="Keyword" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" spellChecking="0"/>
<itemData name="Comment" defStyleNum="dsComment"/>
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString" spellChecking="0"/>
<comment name = "singleLine" start = "#"/>
<!-- kate: space-indent on; indent-width 2; replace-tabs on; -->
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