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......@@ -48,3 +48,6 @@ macro_optional_add_subdirectory (kwrite)
# testing area, just for experimenting with new stuff
macro_optional_add_subdirectory (playground)
# docs
macro_optional_add_subdirectory (doc)
# docs
add_subdirectory( kate )
add_subdirectory( kwrite )
########### install files ###############
kde4_create_handbook(index.docbook INSTALL_DESTINATION ${HTML_INSTALL_DIR}/en)
kde4_create_manpage(man-kate.1.docbook 1 INSTALL_DESTINATION ${MAN_INSTALL_DIR})
Fill empty sections.
Rewrite intro chapter.
Write regexp appendix.
Add Misc Tools chapter, ao Find in Files.
Go over everything and make sure it reflects the practial truuth ;)
Add links to foreign documentation.
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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//KDE//DTD DocBook XML V4.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN" "dtd/kdex.dtd" [
<!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE">
<refentry lang="&language;">
<title>KDE User's Manual</title>
<author>&Lauri.Watts; &Lauri.Watts.mail;</author>
<productname>K Desktop Environment</productname>
<refpurpose>Advanced text editor for &kde;</refpurpose>
<group choice="opt"><option>-s, --start</option> <replaceable>
name</replaceable> </group>
<group choice="opt"><option>--startanon</option></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-n, --new</option></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-b, --block</option></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-p, --pid</option><replaceable>
<group choice="opt"><option>-e, --encoding</option> <replaceable>
<group choice="opt"><option>-l, --line</option> <replaceable>
<group choice="opt"><option>-c, --column</option>
<replaceable> column</replaceable></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-i, --stdin</option></group>
<group choice="opt"><option>-u, --use</option></group>
<arg choice="opt">KDE Generic Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">Qt Generic Options</arg>
<para>&kate; is the &kde; Advanced Text Editor. </para>
<para>&kate; also provides the editor part for various applications, under
the name &kwrite;.</para>
<para>Some of &kate;'s many features include configurable syntax
highlighting for languages ranging from C and C++ to
<acronym>HTML</acronym> to bash scripts, the ability to create and
maintain projects, a multiple document interface
(<acronym>MDI</acronym>), and a self-contained terminal emulator.
But &kate; is more than a programmer's editor. Its ability to open
several files at once makes it ideal for editing &UNIX;'s many
configuration files. This document was written in &kate;.
<term><option>-s</option>, <option>--start</option> <replaceable>name</replaceable></term>
<listitem><para>Start &kate; with a given session.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Start &kate; with a new anonymous session, implies <option>-n</option>.</para></listitem>
<term><option>-n</option>, <option>--new</option></term>
<listitem><para>Force start of a new &kate; instance (is ignored if <option>start</option> is used and another
&kate; instance already has the given session opened), forced if no parameters and no URLs
are given at all.</para></listitem>
<term><option>-b</option>, <option>--block</option></term>
<listitem><para>If using an already running &kate; instance, block until it exits,
if URLs given to open.</para></listitem>
<term><option>-p, --pid</option> <replaceable>
<listitem><para>Only try to reuse kate instance with this
<replaceable>pid</replaceable> (is ignored if <option>start</option> is used and another
&kate; instance already has the given session opened).</para></listitem>
<term><option>-e, --encoding</option> <replaceable>
<listitem><para>Set encoding for the file to open</para><para>You can use
this to force a file opened in utf-8 format, for instance. (The command
<command>iconv -l</command> provides a list of encodings, which may be
helpful to you.)</para></listitem>
<term><option>-l, --line</option> <replaceable> line</replaceable></term>
<listitem><para>Navigate to this line</para></listitem>
<term><option>-c, --column</option> <replaceable>
<listitem><para>Navigate to this column</para></listitem>
<term><option>-i, --stdin</option></term>
<listitem><para>Read the contents of
<term><option>-u, --use</option></term>
<listitem><para>Use an already running &kate; instance; default, only for compatibility</para></listitem>
<title>See Also</title>
<para>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
(either enter this <acronym>URL</acronym> into &konqueror;, or run
<para>There is also further information available at <ulink
url="">the &kate; website</ulink>.</para>
<para>To open a file named <filename>source.cpp</filename> at column 15,
line 25, in an existing &kate; window, you could use:</para>
<screen><userinput><command>kate</command> <option>-c 15</option> <option>-l
25</option> <option>-u</option> <filename>source.cpp</filename></userinput> </screen>
<para>If you have an active internet connection, you can take advantage of
&kde;'s network transparency to open a file from an ftp site. If you do not
have write permission on the remote server, the file will be opened read
only and you will be prompted for a local filename to save to if you make
changes. If you do have write permission, changes will be saved
transparently over the network.</para>
<screen><userinput><command>kate</command> <option><replaceable></replaceable></option></userinput></screen>
<!-- FIXME: Some more useful examples would be cool, how about this snagged -->
<!-- from a mail of anders (slightly edited /line/l to remove the double -->
<!-- dashes:
> /some/file/path/
> it would rock if Kate could understand that and not only open up,
> but jump to lineno after the file is opened.
How bad is it to have to convert that into
-l lineno /some/file/path/
sed s,([^:]*):(\d+),-l \2 \1,
will do that, for example.-->
<para>The maintainer of &kate; is &Christoph.Cullmann;
&Christoph.Cullmann.mail;. A comprehensive list of authors and contributors
is available in the complete user manual mentioned above.</para>
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########### install files ###############
kde4_create_handbook(index.docbook INSTALL_DESTINATION ${HTML_INSTALL_DIR}/en)
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