Commit f65192bb authored by Dominik Haumann's avatar Dominik Haumann

Fix translation of external tools

BUG: 181528
parent 9d2fb0c9
......@@ -144,12 +144,12 @@ void KateExternalTool::save(KConfigGroup &cg) const
QString KateExternalTool::translatedName() const
return name.isEmpty() ? QString() : i18n(name.toUtf8().data());
return name.isEmpty() ? QString() : i18nc("External tool name", name.toUtf8().data());
QString KateExternalTool::translatedCategory() const
return category.isEmpty() ? QString() : i18n(category.toUtf8().data());
return category.isEmpty() ? QString() : i18nc("External tool category", category.toUtf8().data());
bool operator==(const KateExternalTool &lhs, const KateExternalTool &rhs)
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