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      Clean up main CMake scripts. · a167b312
      Daan De Meyer authored
      - Use target based commands instead of source variables and directory
      based commands.
      - Move `find_package` calls from top level CMake script into kate and
      kwrite subdirectories. This is consistent with the addons where each
      target finds its own required dependencies.
      - Syntax cleanup: Two spaces indentation and, spaces after command
      names and split long commands over multiple lines.
      - Append to `CMAKE_MODULE_PATH` instead of overriding it so that it can
      be overriden manually from the command line by developers if needed.
      - Remove obvious comments.
      - Remove nested `project` calls as they are unnecessary.
      - Rename `kdeinit_kate` to `kate` and `kate` to `kate-bin`.
      - Remove `qt5_add_resources` usage and pass resource files directly to
      `target_sources` instead (thanks to `CMAKE_AUTORC`).
      - Remove unnecessary and transitive dependencies.
      - Exclusively use variables for MacOS bundle strings.
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      Clean up kate autotests CMake script. · fdc8a93f
      Daan De Meyer authored
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      Refactor config.h handling. · 458e7832
      Daan De Meyer authored
      - Use separate config.h files for kate and kwrite.
      - Add `KWRITE_VERSION` for use in kwrite source code.
      - Use the more widely used .in suffix for config.h templates instead of
      the .cmake suffix which is primarily used by CMake script files.
      - Rename `KActivities_FOUND` define to `KF5Activities_FOUND` so that
      cmakedefine in config.h.in automatically picks it up when
      `KF5Activities_FOUND` is set during CMake's configure stage.
      - Remove config.h include from source files that don't need it.
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      Add source file for katewaiter.h. · 10fff7e1
      Daan De Meyer authored
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      [PATCH] Quick Open: fix LRU listing regression · 2fdd8c14
      Christoph Cullmann authored
      The quick open list used to be sorted by order of access (the old code
      called it LRU order). Commit d6e38c0c broke this.
      The first sort() call is changed to stable_sort() in order to preserve
      the "bold" field and the new "sort_id" field. A comment warns about this
      subtle and easy to break requirement. This change was needed to sort the
      file list by LRU (files not in the sortedViews list have no sort_id set,
      and thus are sorted below all LRU sorted entries).
      stable_sort() should be slower than sort(), although the C++ standard
      promises the same algorithmic complexity. On the other hand, this change
      also lets us get rid of the openedUrls string list and the associated
      linear search.
      The second sort must always be a stable_sort(). This is a bug in the
      previous code. It sorted only on the "bold" field, which means
      everything else can be reordered as sort() likes. Even if it "worked",
      it was buggy.
      To completely restore the old behavior, select the second entry by
      default in the quick open list. This is so that you can quickly switch
      between the two last recently accessed files. The old code actually
      selected the first entry if the sortedViews list contained less than 2
      elements - keep that behavior too.
      Author: Vincent Lang
      BUG: 407103
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    • Méven Car's avatar
      Avoid double overwrite check · 09053597
      Méven Car authored
      QFileDialog has by default an overwrite check, avoid the second one done by kate.
      Related to D21401
      Reviewers: #kate, #frameworks, cullmann
      Reviewed By: #kate, cullmann
      Subscribers: apol, dhaumann, kwrite-devel
      Tags: #kate
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D21402
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