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      Make Clipboard plugin work in Android X · b81d3a82
      Anjani Kumar authored
      ## Summary
      Fixes #5
      BUG: 417419](https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=417419)
      This patch introduces a workaround to access the restricted clipboard in Android X.
      Clipboard synchronisation in KDE Connect was one of the killer features before Android X. An action button is added in the persistent foreground notification **Send Clipboard** which adds the ability to send the clipboard using a small workaround. Clipboard Synchronisation works as usual in lower Android Versions.
      This is a very convenient workaround for sending clipboard quickly as it does not requires to open the app. Floating Activity is quite handy for quick actions.
      ## Details of the workaround
      ### ClipboardFloatingActivity
      * This activity is only executed in Android X.
      * This is transparent, accesses the clipboard when in focus.
      * Sends a `NetworkPacket` containing *text* and *timestamp*.
      * When the packet has been sent, it pops up a toast with a success message.
      * Automatically closes after the showing the Toast.
      ### Reverted changes for Android X.
      * Changes done in commits 54be4a1a and 9f3b75b7 have been reverted.
      * These changes are not required anymore as the workaround for clipboard sync works.
      The action button in the notification for **Send Clipboard** is not added in the lower versions of Android. **It is only added in Android X**.
      **Two way sync is working in Android X with this patch. Sync works normally in lower Android versions.**
      ## Test Plan
      ### Before:
      Clipboard from PC to Phones were synchronised but Clipboard of phones didn't get synchronised with the PC.
      ### After:
      The action button is up in Android X while using other apps.
      After clicking the button, a cute Toast appears with the message *Clipboard sent*
      I think this is one of the best workarounds available to make this awesome plugin work.
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      GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) · 61c1629f
      Script Kiddy authored
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      [SMS App] Add interface for querying a range of messages · 36f592a6
      Simon Redman authored
      ## Summary
      This patch adds an interface to return only a specified window of messages.
      The current implementation of the conversation interface loads all messages every time the conversation is requested. This is might be painfully slow to load in case the conversation is large or if there are a lot of MMS/RCS messages in the conversation (since those are wildly slower to load than SMS)
      Used by kde/kdeconnect-kde!203 to enable Desktop functionality
      ## Test Plan
       - With new Android app and old Desktop app:
         - The Android app will notice the missing fields and query for all messages as before.
       - With old Android app and new Desktop app:
         - The desktop will send fields for the new interface which will not be read and all messages will be returned.
       - With new Android app and new Desktop app:
         - The new interface is used and returns only a certain number of messages at a time.
      ## Known Issues
      There is an un-covered corner case if lots of MMS messages are received in the same second (or SMS messages in the same millisecond): Since the interfaces uses timestamps as a filter, it might happen that not all messages sharing the same timestamp are returned. The fact that there are still more messages sharing the timestamp is invisible to the caller. This could be a real-world problem if, for example, a user gets off a plane and their phone downloads a bunch of MMS all at once.
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