Commit 063a92f3 authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

add extragear modules that build

parent 1609668a
Pipeline #5590 passed with stage
in 5 minutes
......@@ -28,17 +28,18 @@ end module-set
module-set extragear-graphics
repository kde-projects
use-modules kdiagram kgraphviewer
use-modules kdiagram kgraphviewer kphotoalbum
end module-set
module-set extragear-multimedia
repository kde-projects
use-modules k3b
# Note that kdenlive contributions should be done via gitlab though...
use-modules k3b kdenlive
end module-set
module-set extragear-utils
repository kde-projects
use-modules plasma-mycroft
use-modules plasma-mycroft krusader
end module-set
module-set extragear-pim
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